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Prof. Pareek joined the Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU), Torun in 2008 and brought a lot of scientific experience in interdisciplinary genomic research from his previously held academic positions in Olsztyn (, and abroad scientific researches at FBN institute, Dummerstorf, Germany ( and University of Helsinki, Finland ( Since 2012, He is the Head of the Division of Functional Genomics Research Group at the ICNT core research facility of NCU, Torun ( Prof Pareek joined the Institute of Veterinary Medicine (IVM), Faculty of Biological and Veterinary Science (FBVS), NCU, Torun in 2018.

(1). Prof. dr hab. Chandra S. Pareek: A Biography ( is presented here.

(2). scientific CV is presented here

(3). scientific CV is presented here

(4). Copernikana PhD Scholar scientific CV is presented here

(5). Lek Wet. Klaudia Mietkiewska, (PhD Scholar: Preludium BIS-II scholar) scientific CV to be presented here

Currently, the thematic research topic of Prof. Pareek research group is "Multi-Omics researches in Veterinary and Animal Sciences" and is divided into three sub-topics :

1) Nutrigenomics and metabolomics research in Sus Scrofa and Bos taurus genome;

2)Multi-Omics analysis of reproductive tissues in Sus Scrofa and Bos taurus genome;

3) Development of advanced Veterinary bioinformatics tools in Multi-Omics research: Co-expression gene and network analysis of Multi-Omics data of Sus Scrofa and Bos taurus genome using R package of Weighted correlation network analysis (WGCNA) script.