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Thematic Research Topics

The current thematic research topics at the Laboratory of Functional Genomics (From the Year 2023 onwards):
Prof Pareek, a research group at Genomics-lab at ICNT, is working on five new thematic research topics, after joining the new Institute of Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Biological and Veterinary Sciences, NCU, Torun in September 2019.

Four thematic research topics (interdisciplinary multi-Omics research) are based on the international joint collaborative research with Prof. Wimmers (Germany), Prof Satish Garg (India), Prof Kadermidden, (Danmark), and national collaborative research with Prof. Pierzchala, Prof. Slaska, Prof. Koziera, Prof. Lipczynski, Prof. Sobiech, and Prof. Hiroaki.

1. Hepatoprotective action of medicinal herbs and Metabolic diseases of civilization, Research task: Multilevel molecular analysis of the hepatoprotective effect of medicinal herbs extracts in prevention of liver dysfunction caused by aflatoxin B1 in pig as an animal model (in-vivo), and hepatocyte cell culture analysis in human and pig (in-vitro). Polish consortium with 5 research entities (Lublin, Szczecin, Olsztyn, Jastrzebiec, and Torun), and Research Institute FBN, Dummerstorf, Germany (Prof. Wimmers).

2. Nutrigenomics researches in pigs (Prof. dr hab. Pierzchala Group, IGAB, PAN, Jastrzebiec): Research task: Transcriptome analysis (mRNA and miRNA) of the liver and muscles tissues in pigs.

3. Nutrigenomics researches in cattle (Prof. dr hab. Sobiech Group, UWM, Olsztyn): Research task: Metabolomics Disorders in cattle. a scientific collaboration of NCN Preludium here

4. Co-expression analysis of miRNA-seq data of pigs using WGCNA script. Copernicana project funded by EU (2019-2022). (PhD project of Mateusz Sachajko).

International PhD program of NCU, Torun: Academia Copernicana here

and thematic research topic based on animal reproduction research related to Ph.D. projects (Prof. Lu; China).

5. Transcriptome and epigenome analysis of reproductive tissues of Bos taurus genome (a Ph.D. project (Preludium BIS2) of Lek Wet. Klaudia Mietkiewska).

External Supervisor Prof. Lu, China. here International PHD program of NCU, Torun: Academia Copernicana here

Previous thematic research topic at the Laboratory of Functional Genomics (2008-2020):
1. Functional genomics analysis of the bovine genome.
Research Task: the bovine genome scan for QTL mapping of production traits in cattle.
Research task: Transcriptomic profile (gene expression profile) of liver and pituitary gland in Polish HF, Polish Red, and Hereford cattle breeds using cDNA-AFLP technique.
2. Functional genomics analysis of the swine genome.
Research task-1: Functional genomics (gene expression profiling) of the pig genome.
Research task-2: Candidate genes (MyoD, GH, and IGF1) analysis of pig production trait.
3. Transcriptomes analysis of Bos Taurus and sus scrofa genome using next-generation genome sequencing (NGS) technology.